New chapter

I landed in Amsterdam this Saturday, and started a new internship in brand and communication at Travelteq this Monday. I’ve been in the city twice before, so I new I would instantly feel at home, which I did. The office is a few minute bike ride from my home and I already feel settled in there. A great start, but a bit sudden meeting with the fall. Two years in Milan has adapted my body temperature to a warmer climate.. This will need some getting use to.

As you can see below, my life pretty much evolves around drinking coffee, eating sweets and looking at canals.

From my last days in Milan..

To my first days in Amsterdam..

This city is so picturesque. More pictures will come..


A thirst for more knowledge

As written in my previous post, some of my valuable experiences from interning in Milan was not related to work at all.. So here’s a list of three things I learned at my first internship.

i. To bring lunch

Oh, and coffee. I’ve never gotten used to the Italian coffee, so I started bringing my own in a thermo cup. Life saver. And since I start 9:30 at work, I always have time to prepare lunch in the morning. I save money, it’s a healthier choice and bringing snacks motivates me and keeps me awake. But maybe most important, drink enough water. Headaches come quickly when sitting in front of a computer eight-to-nine hours a day.

ii. To take cigarette breaks

One thing I learned from working in a bar in high school was that smokers got more breaks than none-smokers; me. So when everyone else goes out smoking, I also go out, just to have a chat, get fresh air, move my legs and get to know the people I work with. Which may be the most important part of any internship.

iii. To work in an open landscape

The time when I was working on researching for a blog post or another task that required concentration as reading or writing – headphones on. Bringing headphones is a must, but it also creates a distance between co-workers, so that is why the cigarette breaks are even more important.

I was already used to working with people from other countries from doing my master degree here in Milan. But doing an internship in a foreign country definitely goes on top three of my experience in Milan. It has given me courage, friends, language skills, and a thirst for pushing my limits. Hopefully I will learn even more at my next experience starting today!


3 things I learned from a 3 months internship

The last three months I’ve been interning at Figmenta; a digital marketing and production agency specialized in communicating beauty, healthcare and lifestyle brands. I’ve worked as a social media manager, and gotten useful knowledge I can use in my future career and some not related to work at all..

I’ve published articles that people in China have asked to translate, been drinking too much (not so nice) coffee and had the honor of working with talented and interesting people I will miss sitting next to. Below is a list of three of my everyday tasks.

i. Blogging

One of my tasks have been to update the Figmenta blog. They use another platform than me; Medium. I actually started to like the platform a lot, and think I will continue writing there. It’s a big community that creates engagement, and I was lucky to have one of my articles/blog posts highlighted by the medium staff, and it made my day. It gave me more motivation to continue writing and also gave me a push to start publishing on my old platform – this one.

ii. Social media news

One of my key tasks in the beginning was to keep updated on the social media world and trends in digital marketing. And to be honest, before I started working at Figmenta, I had no idea what chatbots or augmented reality was. I’ve learned many new terms and skills these months.

iii. Benchmarking and growth hacking

Two terms I had heard before, but had no idea what was. But now I’ve done competitor analysis for brands on Facebook and Instagram and found strategies for how to improve their appearance on social media. The growth hacking I’ve learned is to grow the business by some easy clicks on Business Management for Facebook.

This was just three of many, but thought it would be nice with a little sneak peak inside my past months at a startup agency in Milan.

25A_00868_1 copy_2.jpg

Wrapping up my Milan experience

This weekend was my last full weekend in the city, and I spent it checking off my bucket list for Milan. It was pouring rain, but I appreciate the summer turning to fall, so spent the whole Sunday walking around from a cemetery to China town to a museum and home to eat pancakes with Canadian maple syrup.

I’d seen most of Milan, but had missed out on a few things; the Monumentale cemetery – famous for artistic tombs and monuments, the Pirelli HangarBicocca museum – contemporary art exhibitions, Santeria Social Club – bar/event site, and eating homemade tofu from China town with pancakes for dessert. Too bad I didn’t bring my camera, so Instagram story-pictures with filters will do. My goal for the rest of 2017 will be to take more photos, more about that later..


September inspiration

I want to start a new column with sharing something that has inspired me during the month. I find inspiration everywhere, but magazines and blogs are often where I look for it. This time I want to share with you some magazines i found on The website was introduced to me by a good friend and former roommate, who also has published a magazine “My Milan” shown below on issuu. I was happy to join her on her adventure around Milan, finding the green areas in a city built around business and fashion.


i. My Milan

A personal collection of Ingrid Jacobsen’s favorite places in Milan. A student assignment during her degree at Naba in Milan.


ii. The Explorer

This magazine is giving an insight in luxury travel, inspiration and epic journeys. #08: The WATER Issue brings us into the blue with free diver Heather Richardson in Making Waves on slide page 22. Another piece to read is A Thousand Words on slide 18-19 featuring a picture that says more than thousand words.

iii. Kinfolk

Kinfolk is one of my favorite magazines. I discovered it during design week in Milan last year, on the stand of Do You Read Me?! – a Berlin based bookstore. The same time I got my eyes up for Monocle.
This issue of Kinfolk you can among other good articles read about the second most consumed beverage after water; tea. “When we care for something, we are rewarded” – slide 44-45.


iv. ONELOOK Magazine

ONELOOK is celebrating the influence of harmony is this issue. They are introducing the word hygge, a danish word also commonly used in Norway, loosely translated to cozy. And from this one word, a whole lifestyle is built. “With a cup of tea in your hand, anything is possible” – ONELOOK.


v. Blanc Magazine

“Life is made of strange and beautiful moments.”


Other magazines worth mentioning:
Lonely Planet Magazine
Cereal Magazine (not link)
The Vertical – A collaboration with Patagonia
Kanto – A quarterly collaborative journal on architecture, photography, art and design, literature, food, film and travel

When I visited the Italian city translated to “little bull”

Before summer, I went on a getaway from Milan and discovered one my favorite Italian cities so far; Turin.

Everything is much calmer than in Milan. People don’t stress around like in a bigger city, it’s more of a village feeling, which suits me perfectly. Turin has all the musts of a city. A big river that satisfies my need for water. It has a big range of museums, GAM – which hosted a really interesting temporary exhibition with Kandinsky, Warhol, Matisse ++.

The hotel I stayed at, Resindenza dell’Opera through the booking app HotelTonight was a lovely guesthouse with balcony, kitchen and a comfy bed in the center of Turin. I mean, everywhere in Turin has a walking distance, really, there’s no need for a car, (although a bike would be nice).

I bought a disposable Kodak camera the minute I arrived and it wont be my last. Highlights from the trip was walking up to the Santa Maria dell Monte church with the most beautiful view over Turin. The Mole Antonelliana which hosts the National Cinema museum is also a must, it’s easily recognizable with the distinct pier. And a fun-fact, it was originally conceived of as a synagogue, and is the tallest museum in the world. The Piazza San Giovanni square in front of the city’s cathedral is a nice place to sit down and have one of the traditional bicerin, a coffee with chocolate and cream, my sincere opinion; a perfect combination but while in Turin kind of drink.

It’s strange to think of my years in Milan as soon to be over. Just two more weeks and I’ll be flying away to a new adventure; Amsterdam!

_5A_00849_MG_3131 copy_MG_3046 copy



The reason for travelling to Portugal was simple. There’s surf, sun sets in the ocean and it’s fairly cheap. What I didn’t know was how beautiful it is. All the cities I visited had it’s own charm and I fell in love.

I started my trip in Lisbon and ended up in Porto, which became my favorite city of all time. In total I spent 17 days on my travel up the coast visiting more than eight places, some of my favorites were Ericeira, Cascais and Coimbra. I stayed between two to four nights in each hostel, where I met so many interesting and good people. I know I will be back to see more of Portugal, and also back to some of the towns I already visited. You should too..


–  Muito obrigada

Camping in the Liguran coast

The June 2nd 1946 was the day that Italy became a republic, and this year, June 2nd was a Thursday, so no school Thursday or Friday. It was a perfect time to go camping near the coast and after some research we decided to go to Bogliasco near Genova. We weren’t too lucky with the weather, but it was a lovely city and we even went on a day trip to the famous Portofino which was also worth the visit.

Now we have a tent, a mattress and camping companions, so we just have to find out when and where our next trip will be. Cause camping in Italy was a really good idea!




10 Corso Como began as an art gallery and an art shop in 1990. After that followed with a small hotel, roof garden, and dining. I visited it for the first time this Sunday, and was amazed by the beauty of the place. The courtyard is surrounded by plants and seasonal flowers. You first enter the café – restaurant, and up the stairs to the left you find the bookstore and the exhibition area. As a student I really appreciate free cultural experiences, so I really liked 10 Corso Como. Just the bookstore is worth the visit to get inspiration without buying anything. There is mostly art, design, fashion, music and photography and as it says on the website: “browsing is encouraged”.

The current exhibitions are Per-Anders Pettersson: African Catwalk, and World Press Photo 2016. It is absolutely worth the visit.


Photos: (view from 1st floor and bookstore)


Photo: Ingrid Jacobsen (African Catwalk)
epfhdiprkubvilmylaja -Warren Richardson, world press photo of the year, Hope for a new life


No it doesn’t. At least not always.

Every time I hear someone questioning whether they should study abroad or not I really hope they choose to do so. Living abroad has given me so much and I really feel lucky I have the opportunity to live wherever I want, and study what I want. I know studying at home can give you as much as studying abroad, but if someone is already thinking about going abroad, I hope they do, so in the future they won’t regret not going. Travelling and studying abroad has given me so much happiness and fun adventures, but most of the days in Milan are actually normal days, as if I was living at home.

I just read an article on a blog (the student nomad) that gives 10 reasons why you should study abroad. The first point was that it makes you really happy “much, much happier”.  It gives the impression that just by studying abroad you will be as happy as just having sex, doing charity work, and eating good food. This did not happen to me. Yes, the three months I spent practically living on a beach while studying in Mexico, I was this happy, maybe happier. But now, in Milan, it is just like normal. And the three first weeks I was less happy. I am generally a happy person, but moving to another country can be very confusing, difficult and lonely. And I don’t think I was prepared that this could happen. Before moving, I read articles like these that gave me a pure positive impression of living abroad. I’m not saying “don’t go”, I just think posts like these don’t give a right impression of what it could be like to study abroad.

The picture below is me in Mexico reading school books on a beach in bikini. Right now I’m still in my pyjamas in a tiny apartment in Milan and it’s raining outside.. I appreciate both experiences just as much, but next time I move to another town, I will keep in mind that a place by the sea is where I want to be.